The most popular field in the basin. As part of the Kura Tawhiti Conervation Area, climbers are welcome. Ivan Vostinar has mapped the bouldering in his Quantum Field Guide and in South Island Rock. With about 1500 graded problems to keep you entertained it is hard to visit other areas, especially with the 10 minute walk in to Quantum. Lots of route climbs exist too, but futher bolting is prohibited. This is the land of the mantle topout - on the most frictionless rock. Nice...

This is some of the best moderate bouldering on Earth, with lots of varied styles of problems and great landings. Quantum is known more for its bulbous rounded no hold problems but most of the classic lines are more normal in style, like the classic V2 in the photo to the left. The harder problems are listed on this site is for easy reference. We don't list the others as there are too many.
Most people find it easier to forget the guide at first and just wander around and climb what looks good. Remember that most climbs look easier than they are because of the rock's bad friction. For best conditions keep your shoes clean and whack dust off the holds, some times rubbing (a small amount of) chalk into hand holds then whacking works. Unless the rock is damp, chalk on foot holds is bad.

Great Jug Pulling V2 ***

(80 Map 6) FA: Some old very cool dude
On the back of the Bio Hazzard boulder lies the steepest V2 in the field. Interesting moves lead to a sequency topout. Either jump off or down climb!

Download a hopefully updated list of problems here: qfv6up.xls
If you want a updated guide I have kept up to date maps which you are welcome to photocopy.

Spent V6 ***

(32 Map 17) FA: Derek Thatcher
Must be the most popular V6 nowdays. Spent is hidden away in a fenced off area of Quantum above the cave. A multitude of sequences will get you to the same slopey topout. Walk around to the top first to confirm there are no holds.

Lung Arete V3 ***

(11 Map 6) FA: Some dude who does not like holds
A nice smeary arete next to the classic Lung Dyno. The left hand start is getting a little polished nowdays but there is a tricky way to start just right. Scope out the feet for the top carefully.

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