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There is no guide except for the route climbing in South Island Rock. Due to the exceptionally long approach (read tramp) of 30 minutes, it is not as popular as the Homestead. However some prefer Flock Hill for this reason. The only source of water is at the cave stream car park so carry plenty.
This is the basin's largest boulder field, about 4 times bigger than Quantum Field. It has also been exposed to the elements for longer, resulting in a greater number of features on the limestone. The climbing is slightly more conventional than in Quantum Field: not every topout is a gut busting mantle. The lower righthand corner of the field (Spilt Apple Field) has recieved the greatest development, with most lines already done. As you head further into the main Field the potential for new problems increases. You could spend all day doing first ascents here and not see another person.

One Hundred Times Slab V4 ***

(32 Map 17) FA: A good question, probably a sheep.
An excellent dimpled slap with the crux at the top were it should be. Is located in the gully between the Badlands and the Split Apple Field. This group of boulders has many great problems.

1. Prince Tui Teka V8 (ss) - Up steep wall to big pocket then up to gaston.
2. Grease Paint & Monkey Brains V6 - Up pockets until they run out then smear.
3. Classic Runnel V4.
4. The Craft V6 - Pull on slopers then dyno to slot.
5. Raven V7/8 - Nice powerful two move problem.
6. Arete V2 - Good balance moves.
7. 100 Times Slab V4.
8. Easy slab V0.
9. Slopey Sit Start V5.
10. Psyco Killer V8 - nasty sit start.

Known V8ish and above problems. In fact this is a joke, there is no way
to record or remember all the problems up here. I would say there
are three times more problems than mentioned below in the V8+ range,
and a countless amount more to develop.

V10 Girl Power, FA:David Hume
V10 Camp America, FA:David Hume
V9 Captain Contact (Sit Start), FA:Derek Thatcher
V9 Orbital, FA:Ivan Vostinar
V9 Dissconnect early, FA:D.T
V8 Don't eat the purple berries, FA:D.T
V8 Prince Tui Teka, FA:Daniel Jenkins
V8 Super Shackti, FA:I.V
V8 Spider Monkey, FA:D.T
V8 Captain Nemo, FA:I.V
V8 Limestone Orgasam, FA:David Hume
V8 Psyco Killer, FA:Daniel Jenkins
V8 The Three Way Arete, FA:D.T
Jaws, FA:D.T
The Vapour Trail, FA:Derek Thatcher
Sunset Arete, FA:Chris Jones
Hipster, FA:Julian Saunders
The Great Escape, FA:Matt Piersons
The Moment, FA:Matt Piersons
Oblisk, FA:D.T
Rasp, FA:D.T
Stoneworks, FA:J.S
Poodle (ss), FA:Pete
The Flutes, FA:J.S
The Roots, FA:M.P
Non-Sequitar, FA:D.T
New Dawn Fades, FA:Dave Hume
Golem, FA:J.S
Henious mono crimp, FA:D.T
face left of the moment, FA:D.T

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