The Top Field
Flock Hill's sister field, and only a bit smaller. From the Cave Stream carpark head east to the righthand field on the hill with a prominent valley. The boulders are part of Flock Hill Station. Climbers are welcome, but you must get permission first by ringing the Land Manager (03) 318 8195. There is no guide except for the route climbing in South Island Rock. There is stacks of development to be done here and the walk is shorter than to Flock Hill. The story goes that a Dalai Lama visited here and said this was the spritual center of the universe!

Cosmic Energy V8 ***

FA: Sebastian Loewensteijn.
The big arete you always dreamed of. Cosmic Energy is located at the top of the valley in the first set of boulders in the top field. Super photogenic and not bad for the grade, once you can get off the ground.

These are some V7 and above problems.

Concept Of The Good, FA:Derek Thatcher
The Rad Overhanging Prow, FA:Derek Thatcher
Wisp, FA:Derek Thatcher
Decieving pocket problem, FA: Dave Hume
V10 Pocket Pilot, FA:Derek Thatcher
V9 Monolith, FA:Ivan Vostinar
V8 Captain Kirk, FA:I.V
V8 Cosmic Energy, FA:Sebastian Loewensteijn
V8 Equator, FA:I.V
V8 The New Frontier, FA:S.L
V8 the gauston to mono, FA: D.T
V7 Daft, FA:D.T
V7 Dub, FA:Daniel Jenkins
V7 Spock, FA:I.V
V7 The Sound Of Silence, FA:S.L
V7 Double Vision, FA:D.T
V7 Vision, FA:D.T
V7 Mach Dich Lang, FA:D.T
V7 Double Play, FA:D.T
V7 The Gambit, FA:D.T

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